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Disinfectant products get the job done. A good disinfectant removes many of the pathogens that we want to contain. But it's the stuff that gets left behind that tends to reproduce, re-polluting the surfaces we're trying to clean.

Since it is quite impossible to eliminate 100% of pathogens, our goal as cleaners, therefore, is to maintain clean, dry surfaces and manage pathogen levels so they are contained. Most custodial operations can accomplish this using a disinfectant product.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a scheduled and thorough cleaning of doorknobs, sinks, toilets and other commonly touched surfaces is the first step in preventing the spread of pathogens. These surfaces are known as fomites, which are simply defined as any surface or contact point that has the potential to harbor pathogenic microorganisms. Professional cleaners should be diligent in their understanding of fomites and how to prevent their spread.

. Use the right product. It is best to use an EPA registered disinfectant with a broad-spectrum kill claim.
. Include disinfection in your daily schedule.
. Understand mixing ratios and apply it as directed by the manufacturer.
. Understand the activity period (active time) of your disinfectant.
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Step #1

Attack the spill right away. Don't delay or it may stay.
Step #2
Before applying a cleaner, scrape off or soak up as much of the spill as possible. If you have a wet/dry vac use it. Otherwise, learn to blot. Lay absorbent white cloths over the stain — avoid colored cloths because they may bleed color — then stand on them. This will remove by absorption most of the spill.

Step #3
Test first and apply a cleaner to the spill in harmony with its base. Apply a gentle cleaning solution (e.g., 1/4 teaspoon of a liquid dish detergent per one cup of lukewarm water) and blot. Don't flood it but work carefully from the outside of the spill toward center, thereby contain the spot to one area rather than spreading it. Be careful not to rub the carpet which tends to damage the fibers, but focus on blotting.

After blotting and rinsing a few times with your cleaner and fresh water, apply a thick pile of clean white cloths, then put something heavy on top overnight. This is to prevent the stain reappearing by wicking up from the base of the carpet fibers; a staining substance hiding at the bottom of each carpet fiber can reappear the next day, even if the surface of the carpet looked clean. If you didn't leave something to absorb it as it wicked up that fiber, it would show up the next day at the surface.


There are so many spot and stain removal products, how do you know which ones to buy?

In some cases, if you have a combination spill consisting of several staining agents, a combination spot-remover is effective. Manufacturers have formulas that address most spot-removal problems.

At times, you'll want to apply a mild non-chlorine oxygen-type bleaching agent such as a hydrogen peroxide base chemical. Always work with the least powerful agent you can to get the job done, otherwise you risk bleaching the color out of your carpet or garment.

Specialized spot removers are designed to target the specific cause of the stain; very useful when the spot consists mostly of one type of staining agent. For example, a solvent-based cleaner works best on grease, oil or adhesive. An enzyme-based product is often effective on protein-based stains such as blood.
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