Shopping Mall

The volume of foot traffic in malls daily in search of shopping, dining, and entertainment could be overwhelming and requires the expertise of capable cleaning companies. With such a high rate of foot traffic, effective mall cleaning, especially for floors, is essential to creating a positive atmosphere and protecting customers from slips and falls. In malls, slippery floors, spills, and obstacles in walkways can all contribute to injuries. While maintaining a safe & clean mall, floor care may seem challenging, the right procedures and tools make it easy......THE RIGHT COMPANY WILL MAKE IT PERFECT.......KLEENOL!!!

Attention is paid to the restrooms, providing a clean and safe environment. Waste bins, car parks, glass panes, aluminum panels and railings, elevators, stairwells, and so much more. Our hygiene supplies division,, also supplies and restocks all wash room facilities (with paper products, soap, air-sanitisers, and sanitary bins). We run a 24hr shift program to ensure all chores are completed within the cleaning program.

We can offer you:
1. Customised solutions 
Whether you're looking for mall cleaning services for a small retail outfit, or for a large,-scale operation, we'll tailor our services to meet all of your unique requirements.
2. Expert, reliable service.
Our expertise backed by 30 years of experience, which means that when it comes to mall cleaning, we know it all. Every single branch of The Specialists is owner-run, ensuring that every client is provided with superior customer care.
3. Eco-friendly solutions
We offer green commercial cleaning services that are kind to the environment, yet equally powerful as their chemical counterparts.


KNL will create a cleaning plan that caters to the unique needs of each store. We use the very latest, cutting-edge technology to improve effectiveness and efficiency both in the quality of the service delivered and the amount of time and labour saved. Our retail cleaning plans are designed to work behind-the-scenes to help give your retail space a clean, professional appearance that reflects well upon the merchandise on display. This gives your customers a retail experience they will enjoy.

Our retail store cleaning and shopping centre cleaning services always include:
i. Trained, uniformed and experienced cleaning staff
ii. Our preventive maintenance plan
iii. Provision of all equipment/chemicals/insurances included in the price, with the option to also include consumables
iv. Health & Safety
v. Environmentally-aware working practices

Events Cleaning

A big event takes a lot of time and energy to plan and maintain.  The last thing that you want to deal with at the end of an event is cleaning up the messes that people at the events leave at the venue.  Out of Sight Cleaning has the solution to this messy problem, and we have it at an affordable rate. Plus, we not only clean up after the event, but we clean it beforehand as well.
Types of Events
Whether it's a conference, concert, wedding, or more, we have the experience and reliability to clean your facility.  With each event there are many common messes, from drink spills to dropped food, there's no shortage of the kinds of messes that people will leave at these commercial facilities.

Hygiene Cleaning Tools

Sub-par standards of hygiene in industrial businesses, including factories, mines and food processing plants can have a knock-on effect throughout the entire operation. Extensive premises, a large work force and long operating hours make maintaining optimal levels of hygiene a complicated undertaking. In order to avoid the risks and legal ramifications of unhygienic working conditions, it’s imperative that you use professional industrial hygiene services.

Our industrial hygiene services are used by business across the country, and include: ablution cleaning and the maintenance and provision of ablution equipment including sanitary bins, liquid soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, air fresheners and more.

Read more about our hygiene services here