Facade Cleaning

With the advent of high rise buildings, cleaning services took a new dimension and it takes great expertise to take up such a task, you can indeed trust us in doing this for you with our years of experience.We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties, using scaffolding, elevated work platforms, rope access techniques, telescopic equipment and high pressure wall creepers.The result of our thorough cleaning of your building will be a brighter and better working environment.

Our safety procedures ensure that abseiling window cleaning on buildings and structures work safely, quickly and effectively, minimizing project costs. Using specialized techniques we can access work areas that are physically or economically impossible by traditional forms of access such as scaffolding.

Robotic Cleaning

Robotic Cleaning: innovative solutions for cleaning of building facades.

While the possibilities of architecture are almost endless, traditional facade cleaning methods have hitherto been somewhat limited. Worldwide, there are more than 80,000 multi-story buildings with over 12 floors. Over 30 per cent of these have glass facades, and cleaning them by hand is not only time-intensive but exposes cleaning personnel to considerable risk. In addition, there are many areas that are difficult to access and can’t be cleaned at all.

The cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality of the innovative robot cleaning system will obviously be the most remarkable of highlights to the attendees. Explaining the cost factor was an important topic during the demonstration. “Hiring a cleaning company - for example, twice a year - can be a costly, recurrent expense for a building owner. Imagine you have a full automated cleaning solution installed on your building. It might be a bit higher in investment, but it pays back over time thanks to the automated operation. There will be no need for hiring an expensive and time consuming cleaning service anymore,” said Marcel Niederberger, Head of Sales and Marketing at Serbot AG.



Though we take safety as high priority, there are incidents and accidents that might still occur. In recognition of this, all our workers are insured with reputable organizations under the Workmen's Compensation Insurance Scheme. This is a social security/welfare scheme that provides comprehensive compensation to employees who suffer from occupational diseases or sustain injuries arising from accidents at the workplace or in the course of employment. The basis or justification for 'compensation' is our duty of care, a duty to protect and a duty to prevent.

Equipment Certification

We employ accredited independent inspection agents to carry out inspections on our machines.

Safety Policy

We have a Company safety policy by top management and reviewed every 3yrs or whenever there is an urgent need to do so


It is our practice to give safety induction to satff visiting or resuming work on our site for the first time to acquaint them with our Health and Safety procedures and requirements while on visit or on any form of employment here. Our operations are highly industrialized and therefore there are inherent hazards associated with the various jobs executed, so all visitors and personnel are required to put on their personal protective equipment also referred to as PPE which includes: hard hats, foot protection, safety glasses etc. and will escorted at all time if you are on a visit.

Drugs & Alchohol

KNL is committed to creating a drug and alcohol free workplace to safely achieve its business objectives. This commitment:  promotes employees’ wellbeing, health and safety  creates a work environment where employees feel safe  recognises the importance of satisfying the client and providing quality service  improves business performance including management of business risk and associated costs  supports the requirements to comply with SCIRT’s Drug & Alcohol Policy The Drug & Alcohol Policy and Procedures will apply to all employees of KNL as well as sub–contractors. KNL will support its staff in achieving this goal through the following initiatives.


The job hazard analysis of every project must be conducted and documented ERP's must also be documented, tool box meetings documented and other safe working procedures followed to medical certificates the ''T'' of fitness for each personnel is updated