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No one loves to work in a workspace, looking all jam-packed, stuffy and unhealthy – with the entire place littered with stuff which either ought to be discarded or neatly kept in a corner. While regular workers would most likely not have the luxury of time to put the office in order, at least to a reasonable extent, yet one thing is for sure; an unkempt office is not just healthy. And is also a bad reputation to the establishment or business outfit. Since the regular workers might be overwhelmed with work, it then becomes very necessary to hire the professional services of a Janitor. You might as well prefer reach out to certain companies that offer such services, of which Kleenol NIG. LTD stands out. It is a professional company made up of dedicated and experienced staff members who specialize in various forms of maintenance and cleaning services, with the inclusion of janitorial cleaning.

Whether you own a company, hospital , hotel or any other commercial building, one of your preoccupation should be, to see that the environment is of appreciable standard, in every aspect; indoor and outdoor. Of course, we all know the importance to the maintenance of high environmental standards. It keeps the workers or dwellers in that environment in good health, whilst also enhancing the outlook of the brand. Some business outfits make internal arrangements on how to keep their environment neat and maintain the facilities too. While others, have the capacity to contract professional cleaning companies.

Who Is A Janitor?

A janitor is a cardinal and professional  part of an establishment or a commercial business entity, saddled with the responsibility of seeing to the all-round maintenance of the business environment, in order to attain a neat outlook and also achieve a healthy stay. It is the duty of a janitor, to regularly tidy up the premises, wherein they’ve been hired to overseer. Not just that, they also make sure the entire building is steadily kept in a good, safe and healthy condition. Our  of janitors at Kleenol, are trained to handle a lot of responsibilities, aside the basic cleaning and maintenance.

More so, our janitors don’t just work indoors, they are also trained to make sure the surroundings are neat and healthy as they are supposed to be. In order to achieve that, they clean up the walkways, keep the lawns neatly-cut among other things, as the case may be.  A janitor is trained to use the appropriate equipment and products in cleaning, for the avoidance of infection spread.

Janitorial Cleaning

This is one of the types of industrial cleaning which involves numerous responsibilities in public buildings or formal work environments. More over, janitorial specifically involves the day-to-day cleaning services within a cooperate or commercial environments.

Places in need of janitorial cleaning :

Janitorial cleaning services in environments or settings such as the following;

Hospitals / Medical facilities

Financial Institutions

Commercial complexes

Large Offices



The aforementioned places or settings are the places that are in need of janitorial services. Also, the specific daily duties of a hired janitor largely depends on the nature of the building or setting involved. Based on the aforementioned places, below are some of the major services expected of a janitor.

  1. Dusting
  2. Collecting and disposing of refuse
  • Cleaning of chairs and desks
  1. Carpet vacuuming
  2. Sweeping
  3. Scrubbing of surfaces of various kinds (windows, mirrors etc)
  • Mopping and cleaning of toilets
  • Replacing restroom supplies
  1. Disinfecting items steadily in use
  2. Keeping of kitchens and breakrooms neat.
  3. Taking stock of basic amenities in the building and bring to the know of the appropriate persons, noticed of a damaged or malfunctioning amenities.

What Makes A Typical Janitor?

At Kleenol, we pride in the fact that we have at our disposal, professional janitors, that work based on the optimal cleaning standards available anywhere. Of course our track record over the years, can give credence to that. Nevertheless, below are some of the expectations of a typical janitor. Also, they are part of the reasons our team of janitors stand out:

  1. Ability to work efficiently, even when not under direct supervision
  2. Time Management
  3. Being able to lift up 15kg of weight
  4. Being experienced in foundational maintenance, repairs and cleaning techniques
  5. Basic education
  6. Being able to use both basic and up-to-date equipment
  7. Being calculative


Difference Between Janitorial Cleaning Services and Commercial Cleaning Services

As earlier stated, janitorial services basically involve the day-to-day tasks of keeping the house neat and in order. And these include the regular cleaning and vacuuming. Of course out there, certain companies seem to particularize their cleaning services, focusing on certain business environments or industries.  While some will specialize in both post and pre construction cleanings, others base their cleaning services only in medical facilities and settings. More so, janitorial cleaning may either be on a long-term basis – on a steady basis or a one-time exercise. All these largely depend on the nature of the building or environment in question or the nature of the services as outlined by the owner or contractor. Of course, while the agreement involves regular maintenance, then the holistic janitorial services would most likely be on a long-term or steady basis.

Meanwhile, commercial cleaning involves weightier less frequent and more tasking activities, geared towards maintaining the right environmental standards. Some of these include, not just vacuuming the carpet, but cleaning it more thoroughly, among a lot of other things.

Unlike the typical janitorial cleaning services, commercial cleaning services are done periodically. And this happens, mostly in preparation for an irregular event, exercise or occasion.

Effective Cleaning

This is the act or process of getting a surface or environment rid of filth, dirt and debilitating bacteria. And this can be done by imploring diligent cleaning techniques. There are ways to achieving this.  But below are some of the steps to be taken for the achievement of effective cleaning:

  1. Removal of dirt
  2. Wiping of surfaces (with either dry or wet materials)
  3. Disinfection of surfaces


Furthermore, effective cleaning is more holistic than the layman can think. There is no gainsaying the fact that, sticking to an effectual cleaning procedure, helps one achieve the highest level of cleanness and removal of debilitating organisms from surfaces within the environment in question.  Of course, as professionals in cleaning of all sorts, cleaning done by us at Kleenols , undergoes the follows steps, in ensuring that the grand aim of healthy living is achieved. The steps are as follows:

  1. Pre-cleaning stage
  2. Actual cleaning
  3. Rinsing
  4. Sanitization
  5. Second rising
  6. Drying


Benefits of effective janitorial cleaning can never be over-emphasized. Apart from keeping the environment free from dangerous microorganisms, to the avoidance of the spread of infections and allergens. A clean and well-maintained environment, also gives the business a very good facelift – as earlier stated. For such services among other things, reach out to us at Kleenol, for the best cleaning experience.