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One of the ways to ascertain or boost the integrity of a business outfit, a hospital or any other public building, is how neat, healthy or habitable the surroundings are. In order to the environment, considering the fact that human activities of various sorts go on there. Regardless of the size of the building or the nature of the surrounding, the owners mostly decide to contract the cleaning services to competent companies  like Kleenol. This can either be against the usual in-house cleaning or simply to complement the routine cleaning. Whatever be the case, Kleenol, prides in the fact that we are better-placed to provide you with the best commercial or industrial cleaning services.

Moreover, cleaning is basically an exercise aimed at making a place or thing neat. This can be achieved through several methods in  the removal of undesirable particles or substances as well as debilitating substances. Cleaning can be done inside or outside private buildings. It can also be done inside or outside of industrial buildings. This can be referred to as commercial or industrial cleaning.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

As the name implies, this is the type of cleaning which is done commercially. In other words, commercial cleaning is a form of cleaning which is done in commercial or industrial settings. And this is usually contracted to cleaning companies, by the institutions or organizations in need of such service. Owing to the enormous task of cleaning such busy buildings or surroundings, the owners usually can’t keep up with an in-house, so the responsibility is officially handed over to companies like Kleenol, to make sure that the building or surroundings are appreciably kept organized, neat and healthy – free from harmful microorganisms, at least to a reasonable extent. Commercial cleaning, which is notably at variance with domestic cleaning, is done using certain tools or equipment. All these are to make the make effective, cleaning process.

Tools Used In Commercial Cleaning

There are many products, tools, or equipment used in industrial or commercial cleaning. And these tools vary in size and functionalities. Some of them are:

  1. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  2. Floor Care
  3. Mops and Mop Buckets
  4. Scrub Brush
  5. Pressure / Steam Washers
  6. Spin Scrubber (rechargeable)
  7. Fogging Machine
  8. Upholstery Cleaners
  9. Glass Window Cleaner


Forms Of Industrial / Commercial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning which can also be referred to as commercial cleaning, has varieties and forms in which they are done or executed. Sometimes, this type of cleaning might be particularized; that is to say the cleaning is focused on selective areas or aspects. While on some other occasions, the are holistic; without any focus on a particular place or section. Also, this cleaning which is done commercially can be periodic or steady; depending on the needs of the owners as contained in the contract. Nevertheless, the forms or types of industrial cleaning includes but is not restricted to the following:

  1. Extraction Unit Cleaning

This involves the cleaning of units of extraction , in order to keep them from dirty particles or dust, which might  have been there in the course of human activities billed to go on there.

  1. Cleaning Of Office

This is an exercise done to keep the offices clean and healthy. Of course this involves other bits of cleaning, which ultimately amounts to a tidy and good-looking work space. And with a healthy and neat office, comes increase in agility of the workforce.

  1. Cleaning Of Interiors or Surroundings

In clear terms, this form of commercial cleaning is known to be the cleaning done to keep the surroundings of ; schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping  or sporting complexes or any other commercial building, neat. In addition to this, it is also the act of cleaning the and maintenance of the interiors of any these buildings and any facility therein. Changing rooms and park rooms are not excluded.  This is necessary because as places with steady human activities, there is need to inhibit further growth and spread of microorganisms.



  1. Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment

Whether cleaning equipment or equipment used in day-to-day industrial activities, for maximum operation or functionality, there is need to regularly clean and maintain them. This is also one of the duties of the companies, contracted to see to the industrial cleaning of a building or surrounding.


Tips For Industrial Cleaning

It is overtly worthwhile to work in a neat and good-looking room or environment. Regardless of the volume of human activities going on in a place, it is always expected that neatness or organization, should not in any way be compromised. This is so because, the healthiness or how comfortable a work space is, is directly proportional to the productivity of the work force. Also, it has a way of giving the business outfit, a reasonable facelift, aside the healthiness of the people therein. The frequency of this type of cleaning makes it a lot easier to handle over time. Little wonder it is usually contracted.

Moreover, same way homes need to be kept clean and organized, the commercial settings should also be kept neat and tidy too. No one actually enjoys working in a place that is littered with dirt, but also tools of various sorts. It is usually leaves workers lethargic and without a sense of value. Nevertheless, there are certain tips, which when applied, can help keep a work place clean, aside the basic procedures followed at private residences. Some of these tips are:

  1. Having a cleaning schedule
  2. Avoid clutters, by keeping things organized
  3. Leave the floors clean always
  4. Dust the vents and pieces of furniture
  5. Regularly dispose the refuse
  6. Always make available cleaning supplies
  7. Maintain a clean-and-green policy
  8. Steadily wipe all surfaces
  9. Regularly sanitize surfaces and rooms
  10. Make use of effective and up-to-date industrial cleaning equipment
  11. Secure like the services of a trusted industrial cleaning company like Kleenol


Benefits of  Commercial (Industrial) Cleaning

One thing is for sure, the benefits of maintaining a good-looking and healthy commercial space can never be over-emphasized. Below are some of the reasons to maintain industrial cleanliness:

¤ Avoids damage of properties due to steady maintenance

¤ Enhances integrity of the business outfit

¤ Contracting the cleaning saves staffers the time and stress of steady cleaning


¤ Improves health of the workers

¤ Increase in productivity

¤ Rise in the organization of the industry or institution involved

¤ Reduction of accidents

¤ Avoidance or reduction of contamination