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Contrary to the impression that most people have, cleaning is a professional service that is essential to keep our homes, offices, workplace, restaurants, hotels, and other places we visit livable. Cleaning homes can be very tedious task for most people, and you are probably on this page in order to have a much easier experience when cleaning different parts of your home. The good news is that you are just in the right place to get the right tips you need to have a squeaky clean home.

Having been in the cleaning business for over 10 years, our professionals at kleenol have seen very thing that is that’s there to see. There is absolutely no type of dirt or stain that is too enduring to fade away, and no streak that is too stubborn to sort. Our professions are not just equipped with state of the art cleaning tools and equipment, but also with adequate skills and experience to clean out the messiest place. Instead to hoarding all that knowledge, our experts at Kleenol would rather share valuable cleaning tips to homeowners.


Remain Totally Focused and Engaged

Expert cleaners who work on homes, offices, and other facilities are no different to any other person around you. As human being, they have a personal life that they tend to at the end of work. One of the differences between regular people cleaning homes and experts is the awareness of these professionals of the importance of being physically present and mentally aware to delivering an excellent job.

As a regular homeowner cleaning your home, there are so many things around you that can create distractions which limit the quality of cleaning you do. Giving in to distractions will not only result in a less cleaner place, but will also lengthen the time spent on each task, hence the work becomes more of a hassle.

To have a better experience while cleaning your home, ensure you are completely focused on the tasks at hand while eliminating sources of distractions you can easily give in to. That way, you enjoy a faster working time and good reward for your effort in terms of a clean space.

It Should become a Habit

Maintaining a consistently clean home requires complete devotion. When cleaning becomes a part of your daily routine, it becomes less of a chore and more of a daily activity you engage in. Admittedly, it might be a bit of a stretch in the initial stages, since you are still new to it, but you will quickly take it up as a habit if you remain consistent towards daily home cleaning.

Stick to One Pattern

As humans, we tend to find tasks easier to execute when there is a certain pattern of executing them. By creating an order of cleaning, it is easy to get used to a regular sequence of cleaning. To create a consistent pattern, professionals recommend cleaning from the top to the bottom of each space or room in your home.

The dirt amassed from the higher areas will easily be collected at the bottom of the area, allowing you to gather the dirt in one place without having to return to areas you have missed. As a result, your time and energy is conserved.



Go for Simpler cleaning tools

It is usually attractive to buy complicated equipment which you may see being advertised on your television as a product that eliminates all sorts of stain and debris from your homes. When you constantly give in to temptation and purchase most of these equipment, you will in no time end up with a cabinet that contain several products that are useless for your home.

When shopping for cleaning tools and equipment for your home, strictly purchase products that will serve a purpose, not just because it looks attractive or you like it. This way, you will only end up with tools you need rather than loads of unnecessary equipment which takes up too much space and your finances. For a simpler cleaning routine, always go for tools that will serve a purpose while you clean.

Allow Cleaning Products Soak

This is a common mistake most people make while cleaning their homes. Because you want to execute the cleaning work faster, you immediately start cleaning after mixing products in water. This is usually counterproductive because these products usually take a bit of time to make a solution that is effective in cleaning surfaces effectively.

You need to understand that most cleaning products are chemicals that need a reaction time, usually in minutes, before they are ready for use. While you soak these products, you might use the time to execute other tasks such as clearing the area to be cleaned. Allowing the products to properly soak is actually the way to lessen the cleaning time since it will become more reactive to break down dirt or grimes.

One Task at a Time

After creating a routine for cleaning your home, you will already have a good grasp of the cleaning tasks that need to be done on a daily basis, and the ones that will only be done once in a while. Multitasking while cleaning your home is not recommended since you will most likely end up in a less cleaner area. While you may think you’re saving time while doing multiple tasks at a time, the quality of cleaning you end up with will be less satisfactory, eventually doubling your work.

Rather, you can save some time by strictly cleaning up frequently used areas, while other areas such as the guest bedroom can be cleaned once in a while. To make things easier for you, make a priority list in terms of frequently used areas and follow it.

Declutter first, and then Clean

Clutters hinder proper cleaning as they harbor dirt within or around them. Decluttering the space to be cleaned should be done prior to the commencement of cleaning. It could be a day before or just a couple of hours before cleaning commences. After decluttering most people are left surprised as to how much space they have and the size of cleaning that is required.

Clutter is deceptive in the sense that cleaners have no real idea of how much surface area is there to be cleaned and may unbalance your focus on the main task to be done – cleaning.

Keep your Furniture in Mind

One part of the home that tends to be forgotten most of the time is the furniture. As much as every other part of the home needs cleaning, your furniture also deserve some tender loving care. By neglecting your furniture, you are exposing your space to much more dirt than you can imagine. This may create a suitable environment for dust mites, allergies, and so on.

Thankfully, your furniture will usually not need much work as you can simply vacuum on a weekly or monthly basis to eliminate dirt from pet fur, food crumbs, hair, dust, and so on. Due to the neglect that furniture in homes are subjected to, most homeowners get the surprise of their life when they see how dirty their furniture is.

The Ideal Clean Time is the Bright Time

When you want to embark on cleaning your homes, it is ideal to do it when it is bright outside. Open up your windows, pull your curtains and drapes to allow natural light in. Be intentional about doing your cleaning in the afternoon, since you will be able to see most of the dirt with your naked eye, compared to cleaning in the evening.

Additionally, getting tasks done during the day when you have a full burst of energy is easier than in the evenings when it’s almost time to rest or sleep.

Microfibre Cloths are the Deal

Most cleaning professionals will agree that microfiber cloths prove to be more efficient in collecting germs, dirt, and grease. They are also better in terms of ease of cleaning and drying time. Instead of using regular cloths or paper towels which make more environmental footprint, it is advisable to switch to microfiber cloths to enjoy an better, overall healthier home.

Save cash

For home cleaning, you are not required to purchase every cleaning product you find in the market. Most of the products you will need is usually available in your kitchen. An example is baking soda which is almost present in all homes, and is used to beat tough stains in the kitchen. This can also be applied in cleaning surfaces such as your walls, furniture, floors, and so on. Simply apply it on the required surface and wipe it off with a damp microfiber cloth after allowing it sit for some minutes.

Another cleaning alternative that will save you a lot is a mixture of water, white vinegar, and soap. You can simply spray this mixture on tough stains to have a cleaner surface.

Call on the Experts

While cleaning your home all by yourself is a prospect that you love, there are instances where you are just unable to. In times like this, you need to seek the services of Kleenol and have a team of expert cleaners come over to do the job. You can either place us on a scheduled visit or on a regular basis depending on your needs. The decision is up to you, but know that we will always be at your service whenever you need our services.

Our priority is to make your home or space somewhere you want to be, always and everyday. So don’t hesitate and book our services at Kleenol today!