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Cleaning may be done by anyone, but effective cleaning can only be done by one who knows what it takes and is experienced in doing so.  Probably you just moved into your new house, work space, office or complex. You might also have been maintaining full occupation of that building or environment. Whatever be the case, there would always be the need to have the place(s). And the scheduling depends on what the arrangement or contract stipulates. The effectiveness of a cleaning exercise depends on how you go about it. And cleaning; whether domestic or industrial, can only be done the right way, when done with the right set of equipment. Here at Kleenol, we’ve been able to put together a list of some the best cleaning equipment, suitable for cleaning of any sort – domestic, industrial cleaning, and even janitorial services. Better still, some of these equipment are mobile such that, you don’t have to worry about moving them around.

  1. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Maybe dust has over time made either your house or office uncomfortable for you. Aside being uncomfortable with the dusty environment, one can over time develop allergic reactions which in a work environment diminish productivity. Are you worried on how best to steadily clean the dust, especially if you stay in an environment prone to being dusty? Probably you are also looking for a convenient way to do the cleaning, and then get yourself packs of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

These cloths are really soft and are free from steak and lint and can be used to wipe or even smoothen not-so-soft surfaces. Even if those surfaces had liquids spilled on them or the are denatured by dust or grime. These cloths were made to penetrate cracks, in case of dirt tapped in there. The cloths come in various colours, meant for different surfaces. You can either use only the cloths or lightly dip them in water. In fact, the are good for cleaning windows and other surfaces alike because, the don’t leave scratches.

  1. Scrubbing Brush

This is one of the equipment used in cleaning of any type. It comes in useful, especially when a cleaning cloth or a sponge might not be able to handle the type of cleaning need involved. You can either use the portable scrubber or the heavy-duty scrubbing machine; depending on what is to be cleaned. The all-purpose scrubbing brush have strong yet mild bristles which can be used to wipe thick stains or to thoroughly clean tiles, tub and other surfaces alike.

  1. Garbage Disposer Cleaner

Garbage disposals are portable electrical equipment used to disintegrate leftovers and food particles into smaller bits, to make it easier to be disposed. But when left that way, within a short while, the broken food particles would decompose and eventually form a nasty sight which produces an awful odour. But with this foaming equipment, one can disinfect the waste bin before and after disposal, with the masking or diminishing of the odour.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the most popular electric cleaning equipment almost everyone knows. It is mostly used to clean floors of various types and textures, carpets and furniture of all kinds. This machine works with the principle of suction, in removing dirt of which dust is the prominent. Coming in varying types and models, the vacuum cleaner (sweeper), can not only be used in a household setting, it can also be used industrially.

Furthermore, this particular equipment makes cleaning a lot more convenient. Owing to the fact that, little energy is expended in using it with appreciable result achieved. There is both the dry and wet automatic vacuum, so you don’t have to bother about the nature of the surface to be cleaned. This is so because, the vacuum cleaner cleans both the dry dirty particles and the liquid spills. The machine is made with four outstanding components, and is compatible and portable enough to be easily moved from place to place. The hose which is  3 feet long, lets the user clean dirt found on hard surfaces as well as liquid spilled on same or similar surfaces. Even if you are looking for the machine with to clean


  1. Squeegee or Squilgee

This is a portable cleaning equipment, used to cleaning glassy surfaces, marbles or even windows. Maybe you have a building which has bathrooms or rooms alike, then you need a piece of this implement. It has a flat and smooth rubber-like surface or blade, and is used to regulate the flow of liquid on a any surface, but mostly on flat surfaces. The squeegee is mostly used to save the showers from the sight of mildew and or molds. But know that you must always maintain the blades, as you to look for a better place to keep them. Also, make sure you change the blades, whenever you sight streaks after usage or you notice a drop in functionality. As dynamic as the squeegee can be, it has so many other functions.



  1. Furemover Broom

This is an energy-saving and convenient cleaning equipment, used in place of traditional brooms. Of course, sweeping is a cleaning exercise which is done steadily and on a regular basis. But then, it can sometimes be tasking, especially with furs littered all over the place. This is particularly the case, when there are fur-bearing pets around. At this, it is helpful that you get a furemover broom. It is made with bristles which are pliant  enough, to make your cleaning stress-free.

  1. Pressure Washers (Steam cleaners)

This is a must-have cleaning equipment, for not just domestic but also industrial environments. Do you need to clean hard surfaces including bricks? Maybe there is also need to clean machines as well as vehicles, then there is need to make available a pressure washer also known as steam cleaner. It is a massive machine, used for thorough cleaning, especially in industrial settings with limited access to water. It works by precisely blasting water to a surface , with the aim of forcefully removing dirt of any kind, regardless of how long it had stayed there. This makes the cleaning both easier and faster.  Also, the water which is added to the machine can either be cold or hot. And there is provision for the addition of cleaning substances, for effective cleaning. Moreover, there is the hot water pressure washers, which mostly produce wet steam, needed for a more intensive and thorough cleaning.



  1. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners (extractor)

With this cleaning equipment, you are sure of more thorough cleaning, beyond the task of wiping away dust from a surface. This equipment is built in such a way that it sprinkles a cleaning substance on a carpet or upholstery, which gets the dirt absorbed. And eventually, the extractor sucks up the dirt. Such an easy and seamless process!

  1. Fogging Machines

This is one of the equipment used in keeping the environment clean and healthy. The fogging machines are used to sanitize and disinfect the surrounding, especially the room or offices, steadily occupied by people. This is possible with the addition of cleaning agents. Of course originally, these machines were used for the control of fowl odour in a place as well as for the inhibition of the growth of pest.

  1. Floor Buffers and Polishers

These are rotary machines, used to polish and scrub hard surfaces, making them neat and shiny. These equipment are needed mainly in commercial settings, such as; warehouses, schools or shopping complexes.


Other Cleaning Equipment

There are many other cleaning equipment which includes the following:

  1. Dry steam cleaners
  2. Floor Cleaners
  • Rechargeable Spin Scrubber
  1. Glass Window Cleaner
  2. Deodorizing Urinal Wave.


Do well to reach out to us at Kleenol to further intimate you on the functionalities of each of these equipment, so as to make informed decisions.