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Cleaning the bedroom is a domestic activity so crucial that it’s expected of every member of a household to at least know how to make their bedrooms clean in the easiest possible ways. But, before we can look into the easy ways to make a bedroom clean; first, let’s define a bedroom, and what it entails.

What Is a Bedroom?

Simply, a bedroom is a private room in a house, designed for relaxation. You do not find too many properties in the bedroom, because it is only designed for resting or sleeping. A standard bedroom should comprise a few items like a closet or wardrobe, a dressing table, dressing mirror and a bed. In addition, a standard bedroom should be spacious, open., alluring and simple to look at. There’s therefore no need for clusters of furniture or other household possessions to fill the room. This distinctive design, arrangement and purpose of bedrooms made it different from other rooms, and it should only accommodate a few items.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why we need to clean our bedrooms:

Why Should You Clean Your Bedroom?

There are several reasons, and here are just a few:

  • Good bedroom hygiene is important for sound health and mind. This is because the bedroom is a place of relaxation.
  • A clean, well-arranged bedroom aids good sleep, which boosts our energy when we wake at daybreak and enhances our performance at work throughout the day. This also helps for orderliness in the room.
  • A polished bedroom prevents insects, pests, and other disease-carrying agents like roaches, rodents, and mosquitoes, among others. 
  • Cleaning is an act of maintenance. Therefore, we should clean our bedrooms regularly to prevent spoilage of bedroom furniture, curtains and linens. When you neglect to clean these items, they are likely to deteriorate or wear out more speedily. Regular cleaning helps to prolong the lifespan of bedroom furniture and other properties.

A spick-and-span bedroom is critical if we, as humans, must restore our vitality from time to time through sound sleep. This helps in rejuvenating our energy for more productive activities. Thus, sleep is very important for our vitality and it should be done in a cleanroom.

Besides sleeping and resting, some use the bedroom for other purposes such as writing, holding online meetings, listening to music, and making phone calls. That’s why the bedroom needs to have some privacy, quiet, peace, and purity.

Note: It is the responsibility of parents, guardians, and older siblings to train everyone in the house on tidying their bedrooms without being prodded. It’s a house chore everybody should learn how to do, and do it very well.

Cleaning is essential in a household, hence cleaning the bedroom is the process of removing dirt, smears, stains and dust from bedroom surfaces and other items. This dirt (stains, dust, tarnishes) are known as foreign matter because they stain, attack and deteriorate furniture and other items.

There are several ways of cleaning, this is because there are different methods of cleaning bedroom items. The method of cleaning to use depends on the nature of the dirt and property. That brings us to the two (2) major methods of cleaning: Dusting and Sweeping. Dusting and sweeping methods of cleaning are commonly used when cleaning the bedroom.

Types of Bedroom Furniture

  • A bed is made up of different materials. The common material used in making beds is wood. And some beds come with springs; for comfort and relaxation.
  • A bed will not be complete without a mattress or bed foam as some parts of the world would call it. Also, a complete bed comes with bed linens and pillows. The mattress should be changed weekly.
  • A wardrobe, which is also known as a closet or bedroom cupboard, is used to keep clothes, personal items like documents and other valuables. Make sure you sort out dirty clothes and take them out to wash, arrange and clean clothes and make sure all the different types of clothes are sorted and arranged accordingly.
  • A dressing table comes with a mirror and drawers. It’s used for makeup and to arrange cosmetics and it comes with a stool. Arrange the items on the table daily and they should be cleaned once a week to avoid specks of dust.

All these bedroom items can be cleaned in different ways with different methods of cleaning. To properly clean the house, you need to sweep and dust the different functional areas, surfaces and objects. And one of the functional areas in the house is the bedroom.  

 Dusting a bedroom

Dust is a fine dry loose particle blown about by air in the atmosphere. It is free and travels beyond surfaces and settles everywhere. It often contains powdered earth, dry particles and comes with bacteria. This dust settles on the linens, dressing table, wardrobe, bedroom floor and furniture. It contains microscopic solids that are tiny, able to get into the lungs and cause severe health complications. Therefore, dusting is the process of removing clustered dust on different surfaces with the help of a cloth or duster.

Dirt is accumulated dust that has been held over time by moisture, grease etc. on surfaces. It is a speck of static dust. It cannot be removed by an atmospheric breeze or by blowing air; it is therefore not removable by dusting alone. It requires water, for the water-soluble dirt, and special cleaning agents for the non-water-soluble dirt.

Note: If you’re a neat freak, dusting every bedroom furniture and other items should be a weekly activity. During the harmattan season in West Africa, dusting should be a daily activity. To achieve this successfully, you have to use the right tools and products.

How to clean the dust on different bedroom items: These steps will help you do your dusting quickly and easy.

Bedroom Cleaning Materials

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Bucket
  • Toilet brush and holder
  • Glass cleaning cloth
  • Mop
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Flat mop
  • Rubber gloves
  • Squeegee
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Garbage bag

The core step-by-step guideline on how to properly clean a bedroom

  • Remove all dirty clothes and put them out for washing.
  • Open the windows of your bedroom for proper ventilation and circulation of air.
  • Trash the dustbin. This should be done daily.
  • Remove bedsheets and pillowcases and wash weekly.
  • Change to clean bed sheets and pillowcases and this should be done weekly
  • Make your bed daily.
  • Use the hand-held dusters to clean the ceiling fan. Gently use the duster to remove the specks of dust, and sweep the floor afterwards. You can repeat this twice.  Make sure the duster is dry, and do not clean dust with a wet duster or cloth. This should be done weekly.
  • Tie a thick microfiber cloth at the edge of a mop stick, use it to clean the corners of the ceiling and remove cobwebs. In this stage, you can disinfect every item in the room, then wipe and clean. Wipe and clean the picture frames, dressing tables, furniture, décor items, windows lintels
  • Gently clean the television, home theatre and other bedroom appliances with a dry duster. This should be done weekly.
  • Make sure you arrange and sort your clothes in your wardrobe.
  • Sweep and mop the entire bedroom floor. If you have a vacuum cleaner, this is the time to use it. Vacuum the carpets, rugs, titled floor etc.
  • Have fun and enjoy your fresh and clean bedroom.


Daily and weekly care of home

  • A dirty house breeds disease and germs. It is therefore important to take good care of our bedrooms on a daily or weekly basis as the case may be.
  • Daily bedroom care involves the removal of dust on surfaces, dust from the ceiling, walls, floors and other surfaces in the bedroom. This is done by sweeping and dusting.
  • Weekly involves a more thorough cleaning of all surfaces, pieces of furniture and other items in the room. Weekly cleaning is generally carried out on weekends when we have enough time to do it

Seasonal care of the house

These are some cleaning operations that should be carried out seasonally in the home. These includes:

  • Washing or dry-cleaning the curtains should be done once a year
  • Cleaning the carpet or rug should be done weekly. If you’re a neat freak and has multiple people walk in the room, should be done every day.
  • Polishing the furniture, process should be done once a year.
  • Cleaning the wardrobe should be done every week.
  • Cleaning the food Store should be done once a month.

At the end of the whole cleaning process, dispose of the waste and enjoy a clean bedroom.

Yes, these are the easy and simplest ways to clean a bedroom.