Our paint seal and polish system provides unparalleled protection against the elements. First any paint oxidation is removed from the exterior painted surfaces, and then a polymer based sealant is applied, which bonds to the surface of the paint, providing a long lasting shine. Seal and polish services include an exterior and interior wipe down.

Exterior Wax

Regular exterior wax applications will not only keep you aircraft looking great and protect your paint, but it will also extend the life of the paint greatly. All of our waxes are aircraft approved and silicone free

Dry Wash

The underside of the aircraft, leading edges, landing gear, and nose are degreased and bug strikes are removed. Each panel of the aircraft is cleaned using an environmentally friendly dry wash compound.


Aircraft Detailing Our on demand trip ready service will ensure that your aircraft is looking great for the next flight. All exterior surfaces are wiped down and lightly cleaned. The interior is vacuumed, trash removed, all surfaces including seating are wiped down, lav and galley cleaned and sanitized, interior items are organized and the cabin entry is detailed.

Wet Wash Our wet washing technique insures that the entire exterior of the aircraft is completely clean and free of debris. The aircraft is dry and spot free when complete. Service recommended for aircraft that have been exposed to harsh or corrosive conditions, like saltwater areas.

 Dry Wash Our environmentally friendly technique completely cleans the entire exterior of the aircraft, without water, while leaving a beautiful shine. Our most popular wash technique due to most airport environmental restrictions.

BRIGHT WORK - This is a three step process that brings all raw metal surfaces on the exterior of the aircraft to a mirror polish. After masking off sensitive areas, an oxidation remover is applied, followed by an intermediate polish, and then a swirl mark remover. This service includes a wet or dry wash and a basic wipe down of the interior. The struts and tires are cleaned, then dressed.



Interior detailing includes all leather cleaned and conditioned along with a full interior cleaning of cabin and cockpit, lavatory and galley areas. This is a meticulous cleaning and disinfecting of all areas including removal of contents in cabin drawers and washing all galley china, glassware and utensils. We take extra care to safely, but effectively clean the cockpit area to exceed crew expectations.

CARPET EXTRACTION - We use a Ninja 150 carpet extractor, which has a low application pressure and a 2 stage extraction motor. This allows us to clean even the most soiled carpets, while maintaining the integrity of the interior.

LEATHER CONDITIONING - Our trained technicians are able to renew the shine and luster of leather surfaces, which maintains the value of your aircraft. First we deep clean the leather and remove surface stains, then apply a fine leather conditioner for added protection.

Lav & Gallery Sanitation

The restrooms and passenger carbins should be clean, hygiene and smelling fresh at all times. This is not the case as experienced on some flights. We pride ourselves in carrying out this details task to the highest international standards. Carpets are rid of soil and chewing gum stains, fabric upholstery are dry cleaned in-situ, leather upholstery is treated and restored to it's soft lustrous nature. KNL just launched our latest innovation for restroom hygiene using the BACTOENZYMATIC technology. Aircraft restrooms are now guaranteed a safe hygienic environment with ease.

Pest Control

In case of severe infestation exothermic application is employed. We possess a range of heat generators for this purpose. We always only use WHO approved pesticides. Amongst our range of equipments are Swing foggers, UVL Sprayers & Jet Sprayers. Due to the everyday occurrence of food and drinks on your average in-flight service and the constant flow of luggage in the cargo hold, there is a high threat of pests on aircraft. We therefore carry out pest control operations. Our works are to every detail.., ovens are attended to along with every potential harborage points.

Aircraft Signature Scenting

Signature fragrance: Express your style in your unique frgrance blend. Our Flavour, fragrances and essential oils are uniquely blended to achieve objectives such as a sense of peace and tranquility in-flight. Hand towels can also be dabbed with a tinge this uniqueness. Lets talk regarding a custom for your aircraft fleet give us a call today. We design and diffuse unique acceptable fragrances for different clients. This achieves it's desired objective.., a pleasant experience, return sales. Let's work together in engineering a unique fragrance for your airline.

Cabin Cleaning & Janitorial Services

In aviation, time is of the essence. KNL is committed to keeping flights clean and on time. Through our unparalleled Cabin Appearance and Janitorial Services, we deliver customized, high- impact cleaning programs within the tightest of time frames. We deliver and leverage a highly-skilled mobile workforce that cleans our customers’ aircraft and facilities to exacting standards.

Aircraft Disinfestation

Disinfestation is a procedure whereby all galleys, bars, amenity stowages and toilets etc., are spray treated with an approved insecticide to control possible infestations of crawling insects i.e. cockroaches. These treatments are normally carried out on a monthly or 6-8 weekly scheduled basis either to coincide with hangar inputs or are carried out on the ramp when down time allows. We also respond to any call-out treatments that are required following Tech. Log entries for either Cockroach or Biting Insect infestation that have emerged during operations. We do try to respond as soon as possible but due to tight turn rounds it is sometimes impractical and therefore we arrange for treatments when an aircraft returns. (A Deferred Defect can be raised and if notice is given, treatment can be carried out when the Aircraft returns).

On longhaul Aircraft it is a mandatory requirement to have Disinfestation Treatments carried out and also recommended to conform with any future legislation i.e. food hygiene regulations etc. It is also included in the World Health Organisation Recommendations on the Disinsecting of Aircraft.

Fumigation / Thermal Disinfestation

Because of the increase in bed bug infestations on board aircrafts, this company has, in conjunction with GreenTech Heat Solutions the leader in affordable professional bed bug heat treatment equipment and training for the eradication of bed bugs and many other insects and their eggs, then disipated equally throughout the infested zone of the cabin. The cabin temperature is constantly monitored to ensure that at no time during the treatment could the temperature reach a critical threshold. This procedure has been approved by Boeing (non-technical objection NTO has been issued for all fleet types) and recently Airbus Industrie have issued a Technical Adaptation (TA) applicable to A330 and A340 fleet types.